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Basic Colour Energy Correspondence Course

Basic Colour Energy 2-Day Workshop

Call to receive your FREE Course Information Kit

Course includes a Colour Energy Product Package.

This Colour Energy course takes approximately 2 months to complete as you are working with a different colour every week! You can start at any time and work at your own pace.

The Basic Colour Energy course discusses several interesting and "colourful" topics:

• Hue you are

• Your "chakra" intelligence centres

• How to incorporate colour therapy into your life and practice

• The seven colour energies including:

- balanced, overactive & underactive colour characteristics

- chakra lessons

- the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual meaning of each colour

• And much, much more.

This course will teach you to look at colour differently (life is colour energy!).

You will understand on a deeper level the effects of colour while using different energy modalities. No other colour course compares to  the information contained in this comprehensive study!

As you work through every colour, you will apply the knowledge that  you have learned every day for one week. Imagine the full awakening of each chakra centre as you connect to it on its various mutli- faceted levels.

Chromalive Colour Light Therapy Correspondence Course

Chromalive Colour Light Therapy 2-Day Workshop

Call to receive your FREE Course Information Kit

Course includes a Colour Energy Product Package.

Note: Chromalive Penlight not included.

This Colour Energy course takes approximately 6 weeks to complete. You can start at any time and work at your own pace.

The Chromalive Colour Light Therapy course teaches you how to do light therapy treatments on yourself and your clients.

The topics covered in this exciting course include:

• Theories behind colour therapy, including reflex zones and chakra centres

• Colour Energy treatments, such as 

 - Meridian Massage Treatment

 - Chakra Oil Reflex Zone Treatment

 - Chromalive Gemstone Chakra Treatment

 - Other common colour treatments

Biopulsar 3-Day Workshop

Date: Approximately every 8 weeks

Call to receive your FREE Course Information Kit

Includes Colour Energy Product Package. 

In this exciting Colour Energy course you will learn the basics of Colour Energy, explore the characteristics of the human energy field (aura) and learn how to do an aura, chakra and organ analysis using the incredible Biopulsar-Reflexograph technology.

The Biopulsar Training Course will cover a wide range of topics, including:

• Completion and analysis of the Colour Energy Personality Test

• The seven types of "Colour Energy Intelligence"

• The effects of colour on our body's energy centres (chakras)

• Auras and biofeedback technology

• The correlation of our aura to our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual 


• How we absorb colour energy- ways to change the aura

• Using the Biopulsar system to do aura, chakra and aura analysis

• Incorporating cutting-edge technology -- the advance Biopulsar system -- into
   your business and offering comprehensive holistic health assessments and
   colour therapy treatments

Upon completion of the Biopulsar Training Course qualified participants will receive a Biopulsar Analyst certificate.

Crystal Light Therapy 3-Day Workshop

Material Costs Extra 

Call to receive your FREE Course Information Kit

This interesting course will be taught by the internationally well-known founder of Crystal Light Therapy, Patricia J. Edge, who was raised among crystals in Arkansas and has been working with the healing and energetic qualities in the field of holistic therapies since 1980. 

This Crystal Light Therapy Course will teach you:

• Safe and effective use of crystals in treatment

• Cleansing, clearing and care of crystals

• Balancing of energy centres

• Toning and massage

Learn how to perform the Crystal Light Therapy treatment that has been called "The Wave of the New Millennium!"

For a course outline and registration details, email us your request or

CALL 1 800 225.1226
Please specify which course you are interested in.

Workshop seating is limited – Don't delay - book your spot today!


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